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One thought on “Gallery”

  1. john foley says:

    I am Iris Foley’s second son. I live in Quinton. I have two grandchildren, Nicholas aged five and Thomas aged two. I do not know many of my relatives. I only met Dennis who has recently died twice in my whole life. I knew Mickey Ward and Ivan. My mum used to take us to visit Margy and David. I knew Polly and was at her funeral. I enjoyed looking at the photos and will upload some to you from my grandchildren. I am 57 now. I knew Freddie and Alice although I don’t know his children. I know Debbie but I am annoyed with her because she has only ever visited me once in my house and that was to collect a gas cooker. Other than that I did know Yogi a bit and Mickey before he passed away. Not much more to say really. No one ever visited my mother. Oh yes I did know Hazel, had a meal with her once and her eldest son, David in the seventies and she attacked me in the restaurant. Still don’t know what for. I would not know any of my relations if I saw them in the street.

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