Hazel & Ron Fulwell

Hazel Ward, Daughter of William and Aunt to Big Den, married Ron and became Hazel Fulwell.

I have a recollection of Hazel’s name from my childhood but I’m struggling to remember anything about her.

This is a side of the family I have very little knowledge of, so it was great to get connected via Facebook to Patricia Fulwell, Hazel’s daughter-in-law.

Hazel’s son David Fulwell (Patricia’s husband) went to school with his cousin, Big Den, and they both joined the Army together.

They lost touch when Big Den joined the Irish guards at Pirbright and Dave the Royal Corps of Transport at Aldershot. It is believed Den came out after six weeks whilst David stayed in and served 25 years.

The Fulwells I have found on Facebook so far are:


At the moment I do not have any photos of Ron & Hazel or their descendants but I hope to put that right soon.


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  1. Mike says:

    I have a picture of my grandad ron fulwell , i am the son of carol fulwell and hazel ward and ron fulwell were my grandparents

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