It’s been a crazy week

9 days ago we lay my dad to rest.  It’s been an emotional time.

Despite the heartache, a lot of positives have happened in the aftermath.  Myself, my mom and my brothers have definitely been brought closer by the tragedy and even though I’m aware I’ll be screaming at The X Factor soon enough for being a bag of shite, I am definitely appreciating life a lot more for what it is and not “sweating the small stuff”.

After the funeral I made this blog on my own website.

Since there are a lot of people who may get to read my words here who aren’t previously aware of what I do, I’ll skirt over it quickly. As a DJ and promoter over the years I’ve created my own followers of my blog interested in my events, productions and sometimes my controversial views. Despite the topic of The Ward Family not really going to be of interest to a lot of those people, I have had many of them contact me to say they’ve enjoyed following the progress with The Life & Times of Big Den. So now I will be sharing the odd blog here about my own thoughts of the time, mainly connected of course with my Dad but maybe from time to time on other matters surrounding Families.

This site started off as an avenue for me to start telling my own tale, yet in the last 7 days it has taken a total bypass and turned into an outlet to share news of the Ward Family Tree. If you’ve been following the daily news then you’ll know all about it, if not here is a summary of all that’s happened this week.


I had the idea for the site. I built it. That’s how I roll !

I also had the idea to draw out The Ward Family Tree seeing as I knew the Family was quite big, here I am now almost at the end of the task, with over  200 Family Members and 70 different family units !!

Starting with William and Ivy, my great grandparents,  I have already completed branches of the Family Tree continuing to David & Margie and then also another branch from Olive (Polly) and Reggie Miller.

These two branches of the tree are pretty much well known to me (or so I thought) and it was great to see how their families have continued, so much so that they are now 7 generations deep from my own Great grandfather !? To put it into perspective that’s the same as my son, Mikey, having a child, then his child having a child, and then THAT child having a child.  So it’s fair to say that there were members I’ve never met or even knew existed within a relatively close knit side of the Family. I also discovered members of The Miller Family that I didn’t know about and even a couple who have very good mutual friends.  One set of relatives have known each other for some years and not even realised they were related !!  It really is great stuff and I hope people are enjoying it as much as I am.  We still have whole families that are pretty unknown to myself that I will be sharing details of soon.

The task is definitely keeping my mind active anyway.  Of a night when I have time to think I do get upset, so this site is very therapeutic indeed.

I regret not speaking to my Dad at all through the summer, mainly due to being pretty busy with an event I organise here in Spain where I live but mainly because I’m not the kind of person to talk on the phone (I’m putting that right) but as I previously mentioned I am grateful for the fact that we were able to spend some quality time with him earlier in the year with my kids and got to say a happy farewell. I know how much he loved us all and I am sure he knew how much we loved him, despite me not being on the phone all the time telling him.

We all do our best now to unite as a Family and I am inspired by the many Family members who have been in touch to thank me for the work I am doing with the Family Tree.

What next ?

I am not that far from completing a further couple of branches of the tree and once that is done I will be collating ALL the information into a fully interactive website contained within this one, meaning you will be able to click names and follow blood lines, see relation types etc etc.  That isn’t too far away.

I would like to get as many photos as I can from you all, obviously as many as possible that contain Big Den but also generally from your childhoods.  This is a work in progress and I intend to keep it running for years, even though the Family Tree will get completed shortly there is a whole heap of tales to tell so I hope you follow us all the way.


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Thanks for reading.

Andrew/Andy/DirtBox Anj.

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