Mark Dennis Ward aka Elma. 30th July 1974 – 27th September 2018

Mark was tragically taken from us way too soon at just 44yrs old in a motorbike accident.

His funeral took place on Wed 24th October at Aston Parish Church and was attended by hundreds of people from far and wide, many of whom were friends of his from his bike and car clubs he was such a loved member of.

View Mark’s full Family Tree here

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RIP Margie

margieToday we hear the sad news of the passing of another major part of The Ward Family Tree.

My ‘Aunty Margie’ was a huge figure and a massive part of our childhoods, growing up around Aston I have so many fond memories of her smile and laughter and her devotion to her Family.

She leaves behind her legacy of an adoring and burgeoning Family and joins many of her loved ones now as she rests in peace.

You can view the full branch of Margie and David’s Family Tree here.

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The Ward Family Tree – Photo

The Ward Family Tree, starting with William and Ivy is now completed.

You can view the Tree as an interactive chart here.

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Dennis Snr & Winnie

The final branch as we complete Big Den’s Family Tree, including the side of the family we were closest to.

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Iris Ward & Chrissy Foley

Iris was Big Den’s aunt and married into the Foley Family. This branch of the tree may be incomplete at the moment.

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Fred & Alice Ward

A smaller branch of the family that includes the youngest member to date. Take a look at a few names that may be relatively unknown to some.

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Hazel & Ron Fulwell

Family Tree for Hazel Ward who married and became Mrs Ron Fulwell. A side of the family that I knew very little about. Take a look.

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How are we all related ?

As the Family Tree grows, so far at 180 names and counting, people may struggle to piece together how to refer to a relative, as in cousin, 2nd cousin etc.  Hopefully this will make it clearer.

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Olive & Reggie Miller

Bringing a splash of colour to the Ward Family Tree. Some fantastic shots here as well as their timeline, up and down.

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David & Margie

David, Margie and their descendants form a huge part of the Ward Family but have experienced real tragedy down the years. View their entire Tree here.

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