Big Den

Winnie and not-so-Big Den

Winnie and not-so-Big Den

Dennis Ward aka Big Den was born 7th October 1953.

His Grandparents were William and Ivy.  His parents were Dennis Snr and Winifred aka The Old Man and Winnie.

The Old Man had 6 brothers and sisters who between them all have built a massive Ward Family that branches out across the length and breadth of the UK and beyond.

This Family Tree will be expanded over time and you will be able to add your own stories if you want

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Big Den married Joan.  Joan already had one son from a previous marriage, yours truly Andrew aka Andy Aka Dirt Box Anj.

Together, Joan & Dennis had a further 3 boys, my brothers,  Mark aka Elma aka The Big Fud, Matthew aka Long John & Luke aka Reggie.

Big Den has 4 grand children; Lois, Drew, Mikey & Summer.

*Edit – There are now 5 Grand Children. Luke & Holly have the beautiful Maddison.

Mark died tragically, aged just 44, in a motorbike accident, 27th Sept 2018.


Big Den enjoyed a roller coaster ride of a life from start to finish, a life that brought rags and riches, comedy, pain, many untimely deaths, heart ache, suspense and much more.

He passed away peacefully on 29th September 2014. His heart slowly came to a halt as he slept, said to have happened due to complications from his Diabetes, a legacy from the years of neglect in days gone by on a diet of coke-cola, ice cream, wine gums and curries. Lots of curries.

About the site:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWithin these pages you will find a history of The Ward Family, compiled to the best of my ability with the help of many Family members.  It will clearly be a work in progress and will take years to complete.

In the short few days after Big Den passed I reached out to many of the Family that we’ve long since lost contact with and have every intention of introducing my own children to Ward Family members they didn’t even know existed.

The purpose of the site is to honour the memory of a great man that united many of us across our generations, a great father and loving husband.

As it will be written mainly by myself alongside my 3 brothers and our mom, it will focus mainly on our lives in Castle Vale and Stockland Green with a few stories of the time Big Den spent living here in Spain until he finished his days living in Aston.

I have every intention of involving as many of The Ward Family as possible, we are currently enjoying reuniting via the Facebook page here.

As with any Family, our story is one of laughter and tears, joy and pain, sunshine and rain (that would make a great song !).

I hope to make the site and stories we share as interesting as possible so that even non-family members can enjoy reading them, this will be the ‘diary’ I’ve been meaning to start for a long time.

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4 thoughts on “Big Den”

  1. Nasa Hussain says:

    Andy what a beautiful thing to do… “Your history is your strength ”
    BiG LoVe always look to the sky with a smile ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Michelle Ward says:

    So proud of you bab and to be part of the Ward Family. Big Den would be proud of you all too ❤

  3. Frankie says:

    That’s a lovely thing to do mate. Big love.

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